Proactive Toys for Young Girls

This woman’s idea is right in line with my research. She has created a toy that targets young girls which does instead of causing self-esteem issues, encourages them to use their logic and thinking skills to have fun. Very exciting it’s called Goldie Blocks!



Meet the ‘Brogrammers’

This article discusses how this new term “brogrammer” has completely left out women from the new programming terminology. Even companies that are hiring, are specifically targeting and looking for men in their advertising. Posters at a recent Stanford career fair tried to entice computer science graduates by asking, “Want to bro down and crush code? Klout is hiring.” This completely leaves out women in even their idea of who they want working for them. It’s absolutely outrageous that in today’s day and age large companies are using sexist job posts that completely exclude women. Then we wonder why there are so few women in software, while they are blatantly not welcome in these “frat boy mentality startups”.