These cannot be posted online but have been sent through email.

Throughout the interviews it was important to keep ethical practices to protect the safety and identity of the participants that were brave enough to share their stories. The following is a draft of the letter of consent that was signed by each participant:

Letter of Consent

Research Study on Women in Male-Dominated studies 


This study will investigate the views and opinions of women that are currently immersed in engineering, an area of study that is and has always been very heavily male-dominated. Participants agree to simply answer a series of question that will ask about their experiences and opinion as females in a male-dominated area of study. Participants’ answers will be recorded and analyzed in a written research study, ensuring their confidentiality is preserved.

Length of Interview: 30-45 minutes

Compensation: None

Anonymity & Confidentiality:

The identity of the participants involved in this study will remain anonymous through all interview transcripts as well as in all analyses and written documents. Additionally, any information that may give away the participant’s identity will also be kept confidential of removed from transcripts. Audio and/or video recording of the interview will be erased at any time, upon the participant’s request.

Respect & Self-Determination

  • Participants may leave the study at any time, for any reason, without any penalty whatsoever.
  • Participants may omit a response to any specific interview question, without penalty.
  • In the participation of this study, there are no known risks to the participant.
  • If requested, participants may receive written feedback at the end of the session or study and/or participants have an opportunity to ask questions about the study at any time

Participant Signature: __________________________ Date: ______________

Parent/Guardian Signature (leave blank if over 18): ____________________ Date: ___________

Natasha Jimenez

Instructor Allyson Larkin


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